The West Mill, Derby


The West Mill, Derby

This was my first time photographing an industrial venue like The West Mill, dating back to the early 1800’s, this cool venue used to be a cotton spinning mill! A mere 5 hour drive from my home, no venue is too near or far!

Bridal Prep

The bridal party got glammed up at home and I met them all at the venue in one of the venues quirky rooms. There were five bridesmaids who each had about 500 buttons on their beautiful dresses so as you can imagine this took some time and a lot of giggles!

The Ceremony

As the bridal party walked down the aisle, together with the adorable flower girl and two page boys laying petals down, they were being serenaded by a family friend who bought a tear to everyones eye.

The Reception

In a Lord of the Rings themed wedding complete with “Anduril” (yes, I just googled that) dagger for cutting the cake and the groom wearing The King’s Blade (yep, googled that too) as a tie clip, the wedding was subtly celebrating the series throughout the day. With all the crazy winds we’ve been having lately the confetti shots proved to be quite tricky with guests being blown off their feet outside – made for some great photos though! After a delicious meal and some great speeches the party started with a hilarious surprise act from the best man dressing as a woman to take “his groom” for the first dance – first time for everything!