5 Tips For Choosing A Location For Your Engagement Shoot

Engagement Shoots

Guest post by Meera Majithia of Carriages Weddings & Events

So, you’ve got all of your wedding details covered right down to the colour of your napkins but you’re still debating on where to have your engagement shoot! Trust me, you’re not alone. Lots of brides and grooms get so wrapped up in planning the big day itself, that they forget to think about the other details.

Believe it or not, your engagement shoot is actually a real treat during the lead up to your wedding. Not only will you and your partner get a real feel for how you’ll be working with your photographer on the day, but you’ll have a really amazing time in the process. Think of it like a prolonged date where you get to indulge in a bit of pampering (we’re talking new outfits and perhaps a makeup artist for the ladies!) and have a full day of fun without worrying about a single thing – aside from the weather of course.

If you’re stuck on ideas for a shoot, here are a few tips that will help give you a nudge:

1. First date
Go back to the place where you first laid eyes on each other or had your very first date. This will no doubt be a special place where your love story began, so why not capture this in your photos?

2. Favourite place(s)
Is there somewhere you like to hang out together as a couple? Somewhere that is so totally you? If so, this would make the perfect backdrop for your shoot as it will really bring out you personality as a couple.

3. At home
This idea is pretty underrated but a shoot at home can feel really personal and intimate. Your photos are also likely to look natural as your photographer will literally be capturing you in your own home.

4. Abroad
Going back to what I mentioned about having fun, you can use your pre-wedding shoot as an excuse to jet off to a foreign location that you and your other half have always dreamed about visiting. Make a weekend of it and treat yourselves!

5. Activity
If you’re the type of couple that prefers more documentary-style shoots then engaging in some sort of activity during the shoot itself may bring out the best of you. You could be cooking, painting, playing a sport – basically doing whatever you usually do. Your photos will come out great as you won’t have to worry about striking an unnatural pose.

These are just a few quick ideas to get you started, however be sure to get in touch with your photographer for a more in-depth chat about your shoot, and to run through the logistics, timings and all important outfit changes!

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